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We write expert-led health, & lifestyle content, engaging
user-friendly websites, sleek media kits, SEO-optimised articles and blogs, appealing advertising copy and more. 


Editing &

If you need a professional set
of eyes on your work, we can edit & proofread your website, blogs, branding documents, social media, articles, books and content strategies.



Not sure where to start? We can produce a sharp, coherent and effective content strategy for your brand, blog, website and social media. And we can help implement it.  


Talks &

Grammar and words are our passion and we love to share our knowledge. We run writing, communication, social media, and design workshops for companies & small businesses.

What We Do
Our approach

We produce engaging evidence-based and expert-led health, wellness and lifestyle content and design for our clients. Our little black book contains the details of trusted experts, researchers and media personalities in Australia and overseas, and we have worked for some of Australia's most respected brands to create content that is well-researched, thoughtful and user-friendly. We love a good brainstorm too, so get in touch if you need help for your brand.


Remedy Content was founded by journalist and editor, Lucy E Cousins, in 2016. She has edited five national magazines, written four travel books, created numerous lifestyle blogs and branded content for major brands on three continents and has appeared on TV, radio and in podcasts. She leads a team of experienced writers, designers and freelancers to create expert-led content readers can trust. 

Our clients

Lucy tackles any topic from a fresh, unique perspective, illustrated by quotes from relevant sources. She has been instrumental in building our wellness content. 

Kate Tregoning, The Iconic

About us
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